Batch One: Future Systems and Models

Our first batch of reports is done. They're very detailed and required a lot of care to complete. The batch is called Future Systems and Models. Links to the pdfs can be downloaded below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Report 1 – The BauDAO by Pierce Myers

Report 2 – A Problem of Memory in Digital Minds by James Douglas Boyd

Report 3 – Physical Constraints on Information Processing: Some Multivariate Plots by James Douglas Boyd

For these reports, we created models on topics that we were thinking about in April and May. For Pierce that was architecture and Web3 – how to thoughtfully manage the distributed ownership of tangible assets in the built environment. For James that was the consideration of dynamics involving generative memory in future digital minds, as well as physical constraints on information processing and computing.

Our tack for the next batch is to work on topics that the community finds interesting and useful. Reach out and let us know what you're into and we'll set up a conversation!


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