June 11th, 2021

Our first batch of reports is done. They're very detailed and required a lot of care to complete. The batch is called Future Systems and Models. Links to the pdfs can be downloaded below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Report 1 – The BauDAO by Pierce Myers

Report 2 – A Problem of Memory in Digital Minds by James Douglas Boyd

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May 10th, 2021

Cope is a research service. It's built on the premise that crowdfunding will open a new economy of ideas. In a model like this, feedback from supporters is vital. So the community will help steer our lines of inquiry by commenting, suggesting topics, and offering financial support for work they find valuable. Our research can then be decoupled from the conditions and agendas set by institutional funders. We imagine it as a new forum for future thought, as Research for the Hive.

The futurist profession is nominally dedicated to the formulation of new ideas and models for studying future possibilities. But in practice, the work of professional futurists is conducted for a single employer or funder. The ideas are only valuable insofar as they help realize a predetermined outcome. It's increasingly uncommon for anyone to be paid to think outside of an agenda.

We model the future from scratch. When we make assumptions, we state them. Otherwise, we presume that the future could unfold in many directions. We methodically piece together plausible scenarios, step by step, using systems theory and applied mathematics. Our findings are compiled in detailed reports and released promptly to the community. Here's a shortlist of what we're currently researching: